Leadership Team


Chaz Waters

President & CEO

Office: (404) 355-6700
Cell: (404) 277-4230
Email: chaz@inlandllc.com

Chaz Waters is a real estate and land development professional, entrepreneur and founder of the the Inland companies.  His extensive experience over the past two decades includes residential (single and multi-family), commercial and industrial projects spanning North and Central America.  Chaz is involved primarily in the services of Inland Brokers as well as serving as chief financial officer and providing corporate management for the Inland companies.

Eric Johansen, RLA

Land Development Manager, VP

Office: (404) 355-6700
Cell: (678) 571-4843
Email: eric@inlandllc.com

Eric Johansen is a Registered Professional Landscape Architect with over 15 years of professional experience in land planning, design, consulting, zoning, permitting and construction administration and management among other specialties.  He has guided countless development projects from concept to completion.  Eric plays multiple roles at Inland including acting as a senior land planner of Inland Group and managing numerous construction projects and clients through Inland Contracting.


Rich Fogarty

Contracting Manager, VP

Office: (404) 355-6700
Cell: (404) 790-8658
Email: rich@inlandllc.com

Rich Fogarty has over 15 years of professional experience including general contracting, construction management, real estate brokerage and development consulting for residential (single & multi-family), industrial, and commercial properties across the Southeast.  His primary role at Inland is in the management of multiple construction projects through Inland Contracting.  Rich is also a licensed real estate broker and serves our clients through Inland Brokers. 

Johnny Free

Surveying Operating Manager, VP

Office: (404) 355-6700
Cell: (678) 925-6904
Email: johnny@inlandllc.com

Johnny Free has over two decades of experience in the land surveying and mapping profession throughout the United States.  He also has experience in construction management and specializes in construction and structural layout and coordination as well as geographic positioning systems (GPS).  Johnny's primary role at Inland is in the management and coordination of all day to day operations for Inland Surveying.

David Johnson

Engineering Operating Manager

Office: (404) 355-6700
Cell: (678) 557-0384
Email: david@inlandllc.com

David Johnson has over three decades of experience in the land development industry. He has managed and worked on surveying and civil engineering projects including hydrology and flood studies, GDOT projects, landfill design, municipal infrastructure projects, multi-phase residential projects, mixed use projects, large scale commercial developments among many others.  David is a senior designer at Inland Group, managing multiple design projects, and also serves as CAD manager for civil and survey drawing production.

Jon Amsberry

Jon Amsberry, PE

Senior Engineer, VP

Office: (404) 355-6700
Email: jon@inlandllc.com

Jon Amsberry is a Registered Professional Engineer with over two decades of professional design experience.  An expert in site design, hydrology and value engineering he is responsible for a multitude of quality land development projects and satisfied customers across the southeastern United States.  As a senior engineer at Inland Group Jon acts in a supervisory role on many of our land development projects.